Further Simplification

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Anyone who maintains an active, current and relevant website or blog understands the amount of work and creativity it requires. To have a continuously relevant website or blog requires constant research for quality content that will keep viewers regularly coming back.

Now take all this work and multiply it by five. The level of work and commitment is beyond reason.

I have been maintaining four websites and this blog. Something had to give as it was requiring far too much time and energy to maintain. In order to simplify my life and gain some sanity, I cancelled the four websites because these were taking the most time and effort to research content. Cancelling the four websites was a difficult decision because they dealt with subjects important to me.

This blog, Frugal Plan, is the only website I will maintain.

This action has simplified my life by reducing the mental anguish, time and effort necessary to maintain five websites. I will also be able to save hundreds of dollars a year on hosting, design and domain fees.

Published by W. M. Brown

I am a retired U.S. expat living in Ecuador. I was a business owner for 32 years before retiring in 2012.

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