January 2020 Budget Reconciliation (Retired)

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January. Throughout my adult life, January has been a month that presents chaos due to “unexpected” financial events regarding income and expenses. This year was no different. At first, I wasn’t going to post January results because the results, in no way, reflect the norms. I changed my mind because someone — other than myself — may get some good or insights from the results.

In review, I have no mortgage, car loan, credit card debt or any other debt.


Budget: $4,037
Actual: $18,406 | $14,369 over budget
Comment: $13,000 of this were the proceeds of selling an auto.


Budget: $60
Actual: $63 |

LP Gas – Water, Cooking, Clothes Dryer
Budget: $25
Actual: $21

Budget: $58
Actual: $23

Phones – Land line and Cellular
Budget: $40
Actual: $9

Cable TV
Budget: $91
Actual: $91

Internet (Fiber Optic)
Budget: $27
Actual: $27

Budget: $116
Actual: $54
Comment: I did a lot of the work myself this month

Home Maintenance
Budget: $50
Actual: $105
Comment: Water heater repair

House Cleaning
Budget: $80
Actual: $80

Auto Insurance (Escrow)
Budget: $83
Actual: $83

Gas – Auto
Budget: $60
Actual: $29

Budget: $0
Actual: $30

Repairs – Auto
Budget: $50
Actual: $20

Registration/License – Auto
Budget: $15 (Escrow)
Actual: $166 Annual

Budget: $6
Actual: $3

Health Insurance – Includes spouse
Budget: $453
Actual: $453

Budget: $50
Actual: $35

Medicine – Includes spouse and pets
Budget: $450
Actual: $612
Comment: Out of control. Corrective action in place.

Budget: $5
Actual: $72 – Annual for phone app and blog

Groceries + Household
Budget: $700
Actual: $739
Comment: Stocked up with an emergency supply of staples (virus outbreak)

Budget: $50
Actual: $6 (haircut)

Escrows, Special
Budget: $491
Actual: $491
Comment: U.S. Federal Income Tax, Local Real Estate Tax

ATM + Transaction Fees
Budget: $15
Actual: $26

Commission – Sale of Auto
Budget: $0
Actual: $500

Other Expenses
Budget: $0
Actual: $1,008
Comment: Installed electric security fence

January Summary

Income: $18,406
Expenses: $5,206
Transfer to Savings: $13,200

I want to repeat that January was not a normal month of income or expenses. Hopefully, February’s results will show a more accurate scenario.

Published by W. M. Brown

I am a retired U.S. expat living in Ecuador. I was a business owner for 32 years before retiring in 2012.

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