February2020 Budget Reconciliation (Retired)

As was hoped for, February came and went without all the financial drama that dominated January. Let’s take a look at February results.


Budgeted: $4,038
Actual: $4,691 (1)(2)


Budgeted: $60
Actual: $60

LP Gas
Budgeted: $25
Actual: $14

Budgeted: $58
Actual: $50

Phones (Cell & Landline)
Budgeted: $40
Actual: $34

Cable TV
Budgeted: $91
Actual: $91

Internet (Fiber Optic)
Budgeted: $27
Actual: $27

Budgeted: $116
Actual: $57

Home Maintenance
Budgeted: $50
Actual: $0

Auto Insurance
Budgeted: $83
Actual: $83

Budgeted: $60
Actual: $45

Auto Maintenance
Budgeted: $50
Actual: $15

Auto License/Registration (Monthly Escrow)
Budgeted: $15
Actual: $15

Budgeted: $6
Actual: $0

Health Insurance (includes spouse)
Budgeted: $453
Actual: $453

Budgeted: $50
Actual: $11

Budgeted: $500
Actual: $399

Budgeted: $700
Actual: $601

Budgeted: $50
Actual: $26

Budgeted: $80
Actual: $100

Federal Taxes – U.S. (Monthly Escrow)
Budgeted: $330
Actual: $330

Real Estate Taxes (Monthly Escrow)
Budgeted: $12
Actual: $12

Total Expenses

Budgeted: $4,016
Actual: $2,435

February Summary

$4,691 Income
$2,435 Expenses
$2,256 Profit/Surplus Income (48.1% of income)

Amount transferred to savings: $2,256


Though I am retired, I am not eligible to receive Social Security Retirement Benefits from the United States until age 66 and 4 months. I am currently 63 years old. All monthly income is originates from savings and investments.

(2) I had an extra 15 days of interest in February due to a 380-day CD maturing. This CD was renewed at 9.5% APR for another 380 days.

Published by W. M. Brown

I am a retired U.S. expat living in Ecuador. I was a business owner for 32 years before retiring in 2012.

2 thoughts on “February2020 Budget Reconciliation (Retired)

  1. What exactly is escrow? I’ve always wondered. Well done for living within your means, it’s not easy. It’s not for me to say what you should do with your money but have you considered donating to charity? I’ve often wished to be able to donate more money though at the moment I only manage a few quid a month. Just a thought…


  2. I keep my charitable contributions separate from my budget. I make my charitable contributions in rather large lump sums originating from non-income producing assets. Hence, these donations affect the value of assets and not an expense against income on a budget. The value of my contributions last year amounted to 64.6% of my annual income to two different non-religious, non-profit organizations. Thanks for asking as I’m sure others have the same question.


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